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Spotlight on Miss A.J

This week's spotlight is on Miss AJ, an intelligent and creative young lady. She is one of  London's upcoming foodies. Her Instagram page shows mouthwatering dish photos that promote healthy eating habits. Her interest in the West African and Carribean cuisine started at a young age growing up in Nigeria. She gained lots of experience supporting her family- owned agricultural and food production business in Nigeria. When she came to the UK, she became involved in another family-owned catering and event planning business which inspired her to create her own recipes.

Miss AJ is currently working on a recipe book and will update Chica Michelle Blog once accomplished.  When she was asked to share her favourite recipes, she replied that Jamaican rum cake, strawberry cheesecake and Duck straw are her absolute favourites.  Food lovers will be influenced and inspired by all the dish photos she continues to share with her Instagram Followers.
Miss AJ has other interesting projects whi…

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