Spotlight on Dr Precious Toe ( In Her Own Words )

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Thank you for returning back this Sunday to catch up on the latest news on people that help make a difference. Today, I will present a very special person Ambassador Dr Precious Toe in her own words.

1. Who is Ambassador Dr Precious Toe?

She is a mother, an advocate for people with albinism, she projects her voice for women rights, a mentor and a public speaker on issues affecting women, for instance, domestic violence, child trafficking and girl child marriage

2. How did your journey in music ministry began?

My journey in music started when I was 8 years old. On my way home from church, I would dance and sing like I was part of the choir and this brought so much joy to me. Raised in a Catholic home and used to hymns and solemnised songs.  I longed for a different way to praise God which is more vibrant and will fuel my desire to start and grow my music ministry. I joined the Pentecostal church and have been writing songs and recording them ever since.

3. Have you any upco…

A Poem For Mother.

Happy Mother's Day,

Dear reader, I want to share this lovely poem written by an eleven-year-old girl to her mother.

My Mum

My mum is irreplaceable
Surely you can see
All her wise words and kind heart
Are a blessing to me
No one can be as flawless as my mother
With her sweetheart, you cannot find another
I love you mum and favour this day
When I express to you, how I feel if I may
I love you more than you will ever see
You are the meaning of sacrifice
I thank you for all your good deeds
Now I wish your delicate soul
The happiest day of all

Happy Mother's Day Poem by Adaora Opiah.

10 Things You Should Know About Markus Lupfer

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Thank you lovely reader for visiting my blog this Sunday. I attended the London Fashion Week Festival on the 24th of February and felt it will be awesome to bring you a  snippet of the iconic fashion designer Markus Lupfer. This is 10 things you should know about him.

In 1997, Markus graduated with first class honours from the University of Westminister.He will celebrate his 20th anniversary this December and has great plans he will be sharing soon.He is a self-funded fashion designer.Markus Lupfer designs all his fabrics and all the embellishments are handmade, irreplaceable and uniqueThe  LIPS became the signature of the Markus Lupfer brand after the LIP artwork on the ML t-shirts sold out after the first collection.Rhianna and Claudia Schiffer are popular celebrities who love Markus Lupfer collection.This August and September, Markus will  have a Pop-Up showcase at Selfridges in preparation of his 20th anniversary Markus Lupfer will be working with  Walt Disney Studio…

Motivator of the Month - Uche Ogbodo

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It has been a busy week for me, I guess it might have been the same for you too. This Sunday I present to you a beautiful, creative and intelligent lady,  she is Uche Ogbodo, a Nigerian film producer and actress. She started acting in early 2006. She has featured in over 100 films.
Uche has won and received over 10 awards and recognition. She is currently working on more acting projects than film production.
She leans on any fashion style that is able to reflect her mood. It was not easy finding out what her favourite place in the world is, this damsel is on a mission to tour the world to find out. Please trust me to update you on the outcome.
Uche Ogbodo is such a home girl when it comes to cuisine, she loves her Afang soup and all the eastern Nigerian soups.
 Uche's latest film  Stolen Vows is still making waves in the Nollywood industry. I will be bringing you a Catch-Up story on her upcoming projects.

Please stay with me.

''Be positive always, if you can …

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy Thursday,

It is an unusual practice for me to post on weekdays but I guess you know the reason why am here today. I want to recognise every woman around the world today and to let you know that you are special, powerful, beautiful and irreplaceable.

Do not dim your lights ladies, as the cradle of the world we want to keep the light shining - Chica Michelle

Spotlight on Hellen Atim

Happy First Sunday of the month,

I am pleased that you are back again this Sunday to read the latest on my blog. I live in England and so have been affected by the snowy weather, if you are in the UK like myself  please stay warm and stay safe.

Please let me introduce  Hellen Atim, she is a film producer and an actress.  She is a Ugandan filmmaker whose life did not always revolve around performing arts. She is a proud single mother to 3 beautiful children.

Hellen Atim's journey like I mentioned earlier did not start in the movie industry. Surprisingly, she started off managing her own catering business in West London. The demands and pressure that comes with entrepreneurship made life challenging for this single mother that she decided to quit the hospitality arena all to the dismay of her business partners.

You would wonder how and what influenced her mind to change her career path.  Hellen Atim had a dream one night, and from that night onwards this remarkable lady did not ste…

Meet Keanna O'Quinn ( Honey and Vinyl )

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I want to wish you a very restful day whilst reading this post. I want you to meet Keanna O'Quinn, the female member of the Honey and Vinyl band. Honey and Vinyl is a 5 piece jazz and soul band that covers all your old time favourite from Aretha Franklin to Adele. This luxury band is serious about providing a blend of vintage and modern music for your entertainment. From Palanco Mexico City to the Pool New York city,  they are what you are looking for to grace your special occasion.

Honey and Vinyl band were privileged to have performed for the opening reception of  The White House Correspondents Dinner during the Obama Administration.

Honey and Vinyl released their first single titled 'Smoke' produced by Xolani Heylon.  Please click on the video below to listen to their first ever single.

The gorgeous Keanna shared her love for vintage mixed with Urban 90s fashion style, She also loves the Ghanaian and Thai cuisine, but her favourite is French fries.

I wish…