Spotlight on Fiona Small ( Young Mothers Support Network )

It's my great pleasure to introduce a very good friend and an advocate for young women. I welcome Fiona Small - Co founder of Young Mothers Support Network to Chica Michelle Spotlight.
Miss Fiona Small’s passionate driving force behind establishing the Young Mothers Support Network began two years ago after having her son in the summer of 2011, shortly after the London riots.
This raised great concern setting off alarm bells for Fiona prompting her to become more effective in her community, where she is raising two children in (chiefly a son).
So as a mother, Fiona strongly believes that something needs to be done to bring about a swift yet radical change. In order to effect those changes Fiona Small seats on the following boards; South London Neighbourhood Committee for Southwark and Lambeth , LBFF ( Lambeth Black Families Forum ) and also responsible for establishing the first CRG (Customer Representative Group) in Southwark in May 2013. She is able on the aforementioned boards to contribute and express her views on how families especially women can be best supported.
Her other contributions can be found on her own monthly column inside the award winning “Vision Community Newspaper” called (Young Mums), community youth programs such as SIS which stands for (Shared Intensive Support) which provides effective solutions to situations where vulnerable girls most especially in gangs who have been affected by violence from a degree of different backgrounds including substance misuse, youth offending and serious high risk youth violence can seek guidance.
Fiona is extremely passionate about effectively transforming her community, schools as well as impacting hugely in the homes.
Miss Small has set her efforts to empower Young Women and Mothers make informed decisions about their lifestyles and relationships. As much as humanly possible engaging young women and girls from deprived community backgrounds.
She is an inspiration to younger people helping them to build strong foundations for their future, the next generation’s future is Miss Fiona Small’s objective. She is fiercely determined, very passionate about impacting her community and leaving a long lasting legacy for her children and many generations.

Fiona Small can be contacted on 07946308717 or send her an email at
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