Spotlight on Uche K. Odoputa

It's my pleasure to welcome to my Spotlight, one of Nigerian finest and talented actors, Uche Kennedy Odoputa also known as  De Organizer. Uche's career in the Nigerian entertainment industry started in 1984 when he appeared on  a TV series, ''Pot of Life'' set in Benin City, which was followed by ''Crucible'' and ''Tales by Moonlight'' . Uche had his big break when he got a minor role in the ''Circle of  Doom'' and  ''Evil Passion''. Since then Uche has featured in over 300 events both private and corporate. His most widely known films are, '' Arrangee Mama'' and ''Last Flight to Abuja''.
During my interview with Uche, he shared with me his experiences as an actor and how that have helped him  analyse the characters he had played, which obviously paid off in his deliverance that always leaves viewers and fans in absolute awe.  He went on to commend on  the fast growth of Nollywood in the UK and US, but stressed on the need for a customised film distribution strategy. Uche K. Odoputa is currently working on a project due publication middle of next year.
Of all his achievements, Uche feels blessed and most grateful to the love and support from his family and fans.


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