I Salute You
Birth mothers, spiritual mothers, surrogate mothers and all mothering friends far and near, this day has been set aside especially to honour you and I salute you and revere. By God you were fashioned the Lord has given you the strength, you carry the burdens of many, your resilience is heaven sent. The Lord has given you an intuitive wisdom and there are times when only your words will do, a mother’s love is never done the needy run to you. Children fall at your feet with trust and expectation, for your worth is immeasurable, and your cup is love selflessness discipline and dedication. You were born to comfort and nurture and your touch is anointed,your role is essential and by God you were appointed.  Know that you make a difference in this fallen world, never underestimate your true worth, though at times you may feel used and devalued, mother, you are an invaluable treasure to this earth.
Copyright © 2015 Michelle M Phillips
Dedicated to all mothers
Happy Mother’s Day


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